If you are looking for new challenges, ones that will take your career further, consider Starboard and carry on the tradition of quality with us. Make a commitment to provide people with the highest level of Commercial Real Estate Services available.

If you’ve been considering a career in the field of commercial real estate and would like to learn more about opportunities with Starboard, you’ll want to attend our free Career Night in San Francisco.

Since seating is limited, we request that you fax in a resume and brief letter of interest. Send your resumes to:

For more information call (415) 765-6900.

Careers at Starboard

We’re committed to fielding a team of the most qualified commercial real estate professionals in the area. If you are committed to excellence and have the strong desire to be a top producing agent, consider joining the Starboard team. We lease, buy and sell property throughout the Bay Area.

Some of the benefits of building a career with Starboard:

  • We have a strong regional presence with worldwide connection through TCN Worldwide Real Estate Services,
  • One of the most liberal commission splits offered.
  • Internship Program involving on the job and formal training tools for all new agents.

Liberal Commission Split

In some of the corporate national and international firms, a broker can have backing and network to get national connections, but must settle for a lackluster commission split to do so.

In smaller, local and regional firms, a broker can get a more liberal split, but it typically comes without support and without national connections.

At Starboard we provide great balance: We offer an outstanding level of support, and national & international connections through TCN, and one of the most rewarding commission schedules offered anywhere.

1-130,000 gross 50/50
130,000 and over 90/10

Top two agents at the end of each year will start the next year at a commission of 50/50 till $120,000 and then 90/10, however both agents must produce a minimum of $400,000 gross to qualify the previous year.

Each January 1 the commission schedule starts anew.

Regional and Worldwide Presence

Together, we bring you local real estate expertise in the Bay Area and over 210+ markets worldwide. If you are looking to lease, sell or buy, you can find out what’s available around the corner or around the world through one point of contact. Our TCN affiliates know their markets like Starboard knows the Bay Area.

TCN Worldwide, formed in 1989, is a member-owned international real estate consortium comprised of 53 independent commercial real estate service firms in more than 210 markets worldwide with over 1,200 brokers & salespeople. Each market is geographically distinct insuring an atmosphere of partnership. The organization is supported by the member firms and is focused on helping each compete more successfully in their local market.

Internship / Training Program

Our Internship Program involves on the job and formal training tools for all new agents. You will be assigned to one of the principals or senior agent of Starboard for a six month internship program.

The Starboard Internship Program consists of two parts:

  • “Hands on” daily assistance to a senior broker where you will be involved in role of support and production to help them close deals.
  • Formal 13 week training that includes a series of video tapes plus assignments that must be completed in order to develop business techniques and strategies you will need for a long term career in commercial real estate.

Interns are paid under a referral system by the broker they are assigned to.